Tuta Silk

Tuta Silk is a company founded in 2009 with the aim of promoting Georgian visual arts by printing them on the highest quality natural silk. Their goal is to revive the lost tradition of production in Georgia and bring it to life in the modern age.
The name Tuta Silk was not chosen entirely by chance. It was created based on the silkworm that lives on mulberry trees and feeds on their leaves. The name “Tuta” is of Georgian origin, meaning mulberry in translation. Legends about silk can be found in Chinese mythology, where the silkworm and thread were considered magical.
Today, Tuta Silk is a family-owned company that lovingly designs scarves, ties, jewelry, and clothing. For each collection, Tuta Silk selects different artists who handcraft the unique motif of each piece. The diversity of styles that emerge from each individual process is more than impressive. All details are created by hand, creating works of art that are ready to be shared with you.

Type of website: Online store (B2C)

Platform: WooCommerce

Market: Serbia, Global

Services: Design, UX/UI, Development, Maintenance

ERP: Excel import

Payment: Banca Intesa

Link: tutasilk.com